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Configuring SQL Server For Session State In ASP.NET Core 1.0 MVC

(Mike Brind) This article looks at the steps required to enable SQL Server as a backing store for Session State in an ASP.NET Core 1.0 MVC application. It builds on my previous article which introduces how to configure and use session state in ASP.NET 5.

DB2 11 Improvements to Drop Pending Changes

(Troy L Coleman) Ease of use was a primary focus of IBM in its development of DB2 11. Another example of this comes with the new capability added to the DROP PENDING CHANGES clause.

Cost-effective data management with DB2 10.5 and EMC FAST VP, Part 3: Integration strategies

(Aruna De Silva, Aslam Nomani, Naresh Chainani, Roger E. Sanders and John Adams) You need a cost-effective way to structure your company’s data so that you can instantly access hot data—or data that is accessed frequently—while also storing enormous amounts of cold data—data that is not accessed ver

Remove Unnecessary SQL Server Transaction Log Files

(Sergey Gigoyan) SQL Server allows to use more than one transaction log file, but the question arises whether it is necessary and what is the benefit of having multiple transaction log files. There is a misconception among some developers that having multiple transaction log files can increase perfo

Loading GeoJSON data into SQL Server

(Jovan Popovic) GeoJSON is popular format for spatial data representation. If you receive text formatted as GeoJSON from other systems, you can load it into SQL Server and convert it into spatial types.

How to query Active Directory with xp_logininfo

(Jack Vamvas) I use xp_logininfo when working with developers or Operations staff troubleshooting access permissions on a SQL Server database. It is very useful to identify the permission path an Active Directory (AD) based logon will use.

Hidden GUI Gems

(Jason Brimhall) The GUI for Extended Events offers some power to help you get started with trying to work with Extended Events. As I have shown over the past few articles, some of this power comes with a bit of cost and may in fact not be as powerful as just using a script.

An update on default_password_lifetime

(Morgan Tocker) With MySQL 5.7, our goal is to be secure by default. This means that without having to change configuration settings or perform any additional steps, your fresh installation should be safe for production use.

Create a CRUD Web App using JQuery Mobile & IndexedDB

(Anele ‘Mash’ Mbanga) Today we are going to create a CRUD JQuery Mobile web app using IndexedDB as a back-end. I will demonstrate the following functionality:

ORA-12514: TNS:listener during switchover using DGMGRL

(mdinh) Not sure what I am doing wrong because DEFAULT StaticConnectIdentifier does not seem to work.