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From the Editor's Desk...

Many Faces of MVC  -  The MVC pattern continues to grow in popularity. Moreover, the ability to Implement the pattern is being added to more and more tool sets. How do you determine what tools to use for your applications?

Monitoring the Cloud  -  Do you need to monitor the performance of your cloud resources? If so, what do you monitor, and how do you monitor it?

Improved EF Many to Many  -  Today one of our readers provides an enhanced tip for generating Many to Many relationships using EF, that have additional benefits as well.

EF Implementation with Many To Many  -  Today I am sharing my experience with Many to Many relationships in EF, where there are additional properties that exist inside the many to many relationship. This is a little more complicated in EF. Here's one solution.

ORM Generation Complications  -  ORM Generators work really nicely...pause...hummm...until you get outside simple relationships. Come see what I mean.

EF Without Decorations  -  Yesterday I talked about using EF with decorations. This results in a lot of noise on your class specific to how it communicates with the database. There is a better way.

Entity Framework Code First  -  I've been working with Entity Framework (EF) code first recently. Today I'm wondering if the Decorations necessary to accurately generate an SQL Server database is a good separation of concerns. Read more to see what I mean.

Perfect Code Day 2  -  Today, readers comment through Email regarding the practice of writing perfect code. It would seem that testing is preferred over conciseness.

Writing Perfect Code  -  In an effort to improve code writing skills we try to apply different constraints to make it better. Some say shorter syntax is best. What do you think?

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