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SSWUGtv: Is mono-tasking or multitasking better? Laura answers the question.

SSWUGtv: Is mono-tasking or multitasking better? Laura answers the question.

SSWUGtv: SQL Server performance – breaking up is hard to do – working across server, in-memory and more   SSWUGtv: Laura gives some tips on appropriately showing your appreciation to a client   SSWUGtv: SQL Server Security thoughts – encryption application points and techniques.  

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Linq Without SQL Engines  -  I am experiencing opportunities to work with Sets that are not contained in Relational Databases. But the Set logic still applies. Is link to tool to use when you are working with Sets not from SQL Tables?

More Windows Job Tools  -  Responding to my previous article Ian provides insight into a few tools a company might consider for handling jobs in a Windows Environment.

Using In Memory Tables for SQL Server 2014  -  While reading a comparison of in memory tables to the disk based counterparts I wasn't surprised the performance is not that much different.

Linq for Set Logic  -  I have fallen in love with Linq for a lot of reasons. I have always appreciated the value of set logic in SQL. Now I have that same capability in a familiar form in Dot Net code.

SQL Server Memory Techniques  -  Windows and SQL Server have a number of technologies that may be applied to SQL Server optimizing performance. They all work by utilizing fast database storage; some volatile; others with a short life span.

Batch Processing and Scheduling  -  Batch processing and scheduling are key capabilities built into how we write software in many systems. Windows primarily focuses on Real Time processing requirements. Do we need batch processing capabilities in Window?

Data Warehousing  -  Where is our Data Warehousing Going? Are the big tool vendors the main implementations? Are NoSql on Hadoop warehouse projects winning the day? Are they really not competing products, so companies may consider using both?

When to Quite Readers Comments  -  Dilip elaborates on Knowning When to Quit?

Moving to RESTful Services  -  RESTful services are rapidly gaining adoption due to simplicity in creation and use. In conjunction with HTML5 and other consumers, the stateless nature of REST calls are gaining adoption.

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