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SSWUGtv: How do you decide where to host (cloud)? Check out some great tips on today\'s episode.

SSWUGtv: How do you decide where to host (cloud)? Check out some great tips on today\'s episode.

SSWUGtv: What\'s in a job title? How do you set proper job titles? Laura Rose has the answers.   SSWUGtv: What does the iCloud have to do with SQL Server? Find out on today\'s episode.    SSWUGtv: Embarcadero: Wes Kranz, Senior Director, Database Products,  from Embarcadero Technologies discusses a major new release of its award-winning portfolio of database tools. The new tools tackle big data challenges and will enable customers to work more efficiently with major database management system platforms.  

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One Source of Truth  -  Many data persistence designs are available for applications. But, when you have duplicate targets with the same "MASTER" data you run the risk of data corruption. Check out today's thoughts on multiple sources of truth.

Writing Good ADO.Net Code  -  While the tools we use continue to mature, there are times when we find ourselves going back to basic ADO.Net code for one reason or another. Today I remind you that ADO.Net may be easy, but it can have pitfalls.

I Need a New Name for Snail Mail  -  Email is being replaced with much quicker forms of communication as a standard technique, and has now become for me the definition of "Snail Mail". So, now what do we call mail sent through the postal service?

SQL Azure Ready for Prime Time  -  SQL Azure now provides point in time backup and restore capabilities. In my opinion that, along with guaranteed performance levels make it a true contender for enterprise level database hosting.

The Problem with Processing at Light Speed  -  Yay! We can work with workloads as fast as they can be recognized, parsed and presented... Yay! Oh... wait. Big Microsoft oops in how data was applied.

Using the Model Database  -  The Model database is often ignored in many SQL implementations. Using it discretely can simplify your life.

Big Data Ethics and DBAs  -  Big data-oriented systems bring with them a new layer of responsibility and ethics for DBAs. Or do they?

Continuous Updates  -  What if your operating system was updated Monthly? It may be the standard release process from Microsoft after releasing Windows 10. Can you live with that?

Email Automation  -  Email Automation is something we have been doing for years. The possibilities and the risks have changed over the years. What are the tools we should be using today, regardless of platform or operating system?

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