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SSWUGtv Security Edition: Encrypting data with Microsoft\'s .NET encryption libraries.

SSWUGtv Security Edition: Encrypting data with Microsoft\'s .NET encryption libraries.

SSWUGtv: When to Tell Your Boss "No" - and how to do it in a way that won\'t offend them! Laura Rose has some great tips today.   SSWUGtv: If you have multiple job offers, how do you know that you\'re making the right decision? Laura Rose has your back on this tough decision.    SSWUGtv: Are your meetings a waste of time? How do you fix that and make them worth the time you spend? Laura Rose has some great tips today!  

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Best Practices for Virtual Machines  -  When your active directory stops authenticating, and is operating in a virtual machine on a host with many other virtual machines, could the cause come from the loads in one or more of the others?

Some Interesting SQL Server 2014 Elements  -  In-memory! Great new features and performance in this release of SQL Server. It's a major change in options when it comes to processing and data access.

SQL Server 2014 Goodness  -  Have you seen some of the resources available to help get your arms wrapped around the latest release?

Securing Passwords  -  Encrypting a password in your database is not often argued. But should you take further steps beyond encryption?

Keep Plugging Those Holes  -  Recent security holes have been plugged after being exposed for a long time. Fixing these known holes is great. But, how much effort should we be putting in to finding the ones we don't know about?

Agile vs. Big Picture - How Do You Reconcile?  -  More feedback needed: Interesting feedback on the previous thoughts about "2" (or 3) things for developers to consider in projects... is it at cross-purposes with Agile techniques?

Lines of Defense  -  Where are our it resources most vulnerable to attack? Follow the conversation for insight into lines of defense you may need to implement.

The Stability of Information Systems is... Dangerous?  -  We've come to accept and assume that our systems work as advertised and work as needed. While this may usually be the case, a healthy respect and cynicism has its place and benefit.

The Impact of Vulnerable Systems  -  What is the impact of open vulnerabilities in your companies IT resources? It may be more painful that you think.