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A New Database Bug  -  Making a play on words, I'm writing about a new grid based data engine called Cockroach DB. Check it out.

Final Thoughts on Business Rules  -  Today I'm providing a summary regarding business rules implementation. I also have a challenge you may want to take on.

What Is a Business Rule?  -  We've been talking about where business rules should be implemented. Then, one reader asks the question, "What is a Business Rule?" Ouch, what an obvious question. So, here are some thoughts I guarantee are not comprehensive...see what you think.

Business Rules Outside SQL  -  Many individuals left great comments on my editorial on placing business rules outside of the database. Today, I'm providing a couple real world examples of putting business rules in another tier that were a stellar success.

It's Time to Break Your Business Rules Out of Your Database  -  For years we have held on to the best practice of keeping your business rule implementation close to the data, by enforcing them in a SQL database. I don't think that is wrong. However, I think you need to ask yourself, very seriously, what is the cost of that design decision. What are you giving up?

Design With Clarity  -  You can design a database, and using good naming conventions, you can provide valuable clarity to your schema without extra work.

Collaboration is the Best Primary Key  -  Based on the feedback on naming conventions for a primary key, it seems there is no front runner for a best practice. See what I mean...

Primary Key Names  -  This is a topic that continues to arise. Developers tend to have one position. DBAs have another. Today I share a recent conversation from both sides.


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