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SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss data modeling for the DBA

SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss data modeling for the DBA

SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss agile data modeling   SSWUGtv: How do you optimize your career for learning or responsibility?   SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss data architecture challenges.  

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Tips to Optimize SQL Server Statistics  -  Today I write on a couple of tips taking advantage of table statistics the help optimize your query performance.

SQL Server Statistics  -  Statistics play a big role in the performance of an SQL Server database. Today I look into a little more about how statistics work, and how you can optimize them.

Dot Notation Hierarchy  -  Today I share one of the last hierarchy methods I have experienced. This methods is not optimized like all the other hierarchy methods. For smaller sets with a limited number of nodes, this can be effective.

SQL Server HierarchyID Data Type  -  Continuing this series on different data structures for handling hierarchical data in an SQL Server database, we look at the HierarchyID data type found in SQL Server.

A Lesson in Hierarchies  -  Hierarchies are one of the most common data structures found in many database systems. Today is a quick review of one of the oldest hierarchy data structures; a linked list through a self joining table.

Database Diagrams  -  Years ago, you wouldn't have a database without also having a database diagram. In the last decade I have seen a big decline from the developer community to use, understand, or even care about database diagrams. Are they obsolete?

Is the Browser an OS Yet?  -  Has HTML 5, and it's implementation in many browsers, made the browser capable of becoming the next OS? Is it the next stage of what Java was meant to be? Will we finally see write once, run anywhere?

Performance Monitoring  -  Are you hosting your own applications? If so, you should have some server monitoring in place. What tools do you use? What should you Monitor? I take a look at these questions at a high level in today's editorial.

Hierarchies - The Nested Node Model  -  Continuing our discussion on database techniques for handling Hierarchy data, today I review the Nested Node Model. This is my favorite hierarchy database design due to it's flexibility and extensebility.

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