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Enitty Framework and Many to Many Relationships  -  Many to Many relationships are quite common in a relational database. Still, after all the time Entity Framework (EF) has been around, it is easily confused when working with a Many to Many design. It gets even worse if you have any other columns than the foreign keys in your Many to Many join table.

What Sport Describes Your IT Practice?  -  As I'm watching different sporting events over the last weekend I see that different strategies are necessary for success. Does this concept carry over into the IT World?

Performance Through Parallism  -  Configuring SQL Server for Parallel queries can be tricky. What is the magic number? Should you just stay with the Microsoft Default?

When Should You Tune a Query?  -  Maybe not as often as you might think. If your query is slow you may need to look elsewhere. How do you know it's time to work on the query itself? Today I share my opinion. Read on...see if you agree. then tear it up with your comments :-)

Tune Your Database Before Your Query  -  Query hints are often used to optimize query performance. Efforts made toward tuning your database may provide more value.

CAP Compared with ACID  -  CAP and ACID strategies for database persistence have a lot of overlap. So, what makes them different?

Start with Simplicity  -  Do you ever find you have pet solutions for solving problems. You like them because they are sophisticated, or are very flexible. Is that where we need to start?

A Tip from the Trenches  -  When systems slow down the database is often the first place we look. It's not always the database that is the problem.

Another Database Management Tool - 0xDBE  -  All of the reasonably priced database management software has gone commercial. TOAD was the last to be reasonably priced. JetBrains has 0xDBE in the works. Today it is free in a pre-release form. It might be worth taking a look.

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