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SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss data modeling for the DBA

SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss data modeling for the DBA

SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss agile data modeling   SSWUGtv: How do you optimize your career for learning or responsibility?   SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss data architecture challenges.  

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Performance Monitoring  -  Are you hosting your own applications? If so, you should have some server monitoring in place. What tools do you use? What should you Monitor? I take a look at these questions at a high level in today's editorial.

A Basic SQL Server Installation Checklist  -  You need to set up a new instance of SQL Server, and this isn't something you do a lot, or may have never done at all. Here is a basic checklist to get you started.

Transaction Log Lost  -  Ouch. The drive where my database transaction log was hosted has crashed. If it's SQL Server just re-attached the database and all will be well. That is, Unless...

Where Will Your Mobile App Run?  -  You have a mobile app you designed to run on Android platforms, trying to expand your market share. However, many vendors attempt to create their own Brand of Android for their device. Will you app run on all of them? Read more to find at least one resource to help you find out.

A Reminder From The Dentist  -  Having recently had a dental checkup, I am reminded that there are a number of things in life it pays to monitor every few months. Not paying attention to them can result in a bigger problem. How does a dentist appointment relate to an IT Professional? Read more to see the twisting of my thoughts.

Using Staging Tables Effectively in SSIS  -  Readers respond with some confusion regarding the use of Staging tables in SSIS projects. Lets bring some advice to the topic.

Heads up: SQL Server 2014 SP1 On Hold  -  SQL Server 2014 SP1 was momentarily released, then put on hold.

Staging Tables Optimize SSIS  -  Your SSIS package is really slow. It's hard to troubleshoot. It's hard to determine where the slow parts are in the performance. Perhaps staging tables may help solve the riddle.I recently interviewed for the opportunity to do work for a new company. They were asking a number of questions around performance tuning and opt

Contri buting Factors to Storage Architecture  -  As we have been discussing there are many choices for storage engines. Why do you choose one over the other? Perhaps the reasons may be much less about technical capabilities, or cost, and more about expertise. See what you think.

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