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Webcast today: Creating an End to End Power BI Solution

Today’s webcast will be all about Power BI – and setting up a solution. Click here to register (it’s free) Here’s the description: Power BI […]

Thoughts on Entity Framework (EF)

I’ve been using Entity Framework for a few years now. Having some production applications based on EF I have found some of the following guidelines […]

Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS Cloud Provider Selection

Choosing a provider is incredibly important when it comes to the cloud. There are some fundamental differences in approach between the providers. There are several […]

Real World SQL Proxies

Today I wanted to share an implementation of a proxy pattern for SQL databases. This story comes from a dot net implementation from a very […]

Full Technical Conference, ZERO Budget Impact, ZERO travel

Sessions, sessions and more sessions. From experts, authors and MVPs that are really here to share their expertise and lessons learned… free. Doesn’t get any […]

How to identify missing SQL Server indexes

How to identify missing SQL Server indexes Microsoft SQL Server supports many useful stored procedures, functions and operators. Some actions you can perform without using […]



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