Author: Stephen Wynkoop


My Data is My Data, Your Data is My Data…?

Interesting responses to the whole post on Friday about whether you can be compelled to share your data in a legal sense.  The article I linked to was about Microsoft/LinkedIn being compelled to make their data available, really without regard to whether they wanted to or not.  This was the gist of my question. What surprised me was the quite broad […]


But DBAs Are Dead!!!

It always makes me laugh when I read that the position of DBA (in whatever form) is going away.  Wrapping up “data management” into that title, you have administrative DBAs, data managers, all of that – and the tools that manage those flows and make it useful all fall in the database management realm.  When you talk with people that […]


Do You Use Third Party Data Sets?

Many times when you see other data sets that you can use for your own applications, they’re about the weather in a location or traffic data.  That type of thing.  It seems like you have to wonder what you’d use that information for in your own applications. I usually eye these types of resources and think that while it sounds […]

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I Don’t Need Backups – The Cloud Doesn’t Break!

Yes.  I’ve actually heard that several times lately.  We’ve been talking about recovery plans, backups, the “oh boy, Steve’s preaching test your backups again” documentation and so-on.  As we’re talking through the things they need to test and have experience with and document, they get this shifting-around, anxious to move on attitude. “But it’s the cloud.  It’s not like it’s […]