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Data Flow and Capacity… and Knowing All The Variables

Data sources are certainly something that should be on nearly everyone’s radar.  With more devices, more analysis and more utility coming from information than ever before, it’s pretty obvious that our pendulum associated with being a data professional will have yet more swings in the direction of managing performance as things expand. This post from was interesting as they tried […]

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PowerBI, Using that Data, IoT and the Borg

Yesterday Ben posted about where, exactly, the responsibility for security lays.  Is it with the DBA?  The network team?  Is it with the person or team that could have prevented the latest breach?  It’s a great question.  Make sure you check out the post if you haven’t seen it yet.  (Here’s a link) As we continue this revolution into more […]

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Building Data Estates… and Your Legacy as Data Folk

I’ve been listening (and re-listening) to a number of MS Ignite presentations – I love getting insight into the direction, the goals and the overall vision that they present when they’re talking about big over-arching issues.  Things like “tweak this statement” fade away and we’re left with directional, vision-oriented things.  That’s the good stuff.  It’s in the one of the […]

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Security Ignorance is Bliss – But Not in a Good Way

I’ve been poking around more and more about security, about best practices and about data protection.  I have spent a good deal of time watching the tried and true “Securing Your SQL Server” type sessions and trying to understand what is critical and what you can do about it. Security expert Duncan McAlynn (LinkedIn) sent me over a great video […]

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Misleading Security Claims and Processes

I find myself shaking my head more and more about how things are rolling along with Security, and in particular (of course), data security. When I talk with people, and when you look at comments to posts on data breach articles, you see that so many don’t understand just how broad your data security and protection needs to be.  I’ve...

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SSWUGtv: SQL Injection, Security and Encryption

So much is happening on the data management and protection front. From movies to injection to keys to your data… There are a number of issues to know about on the show today – make sure you check it out and let me know of others we should be watching out for. Here’s a link to the show:


Assessing your SQL Server environment…

It’s a complex topic and area to cover – we’ll be talking about it on the webcast today, but I have questions… With cloud, on-premise, even different ways of implementing both, do you find that assessing your environment has gotten a whole lot more complex? I know with our systems, it sure has. Sure, the basic pieces are there – […]


Data Flows, Movies and the Mouse

Practical application of social data streams is something that should change a LOT to do with our lives. Here’s one example, with all sorts of interesting ramifications…your mood and reception to the movie you’re watching. I saw this post about some work Disney is doing to figure out how people respond to movies. I think it would be fascinating to […]