Who to make friends with at work?

Hello, this is Laura Lee Rose. I am a speaker and author. I am an expert in time and project management.

Today’s comment came from a busy professional:

Who to make friends with at work

Who are the people who are important to your career? Who are the people who can help you be happy at work? Who are the ones who can help you or be someone you can rely on? We are looking for tips on how to identify these people as well as how to know what level of friendship you should have with your co-workers.

Best advice is to clearly know where you want to be, do and have. If you can clearly articulate your career goals and professional path – then it’s easy to understand “who to make friends with at work”. Statistics show that we typically hang-out with people in our same social-economical standing. If we want to advance, get promoted, make more money, be more affluent – we need to start meeting and networking with those people that have already achieved what we want to achieve. This means that we need to define our own career goals and take full ownership of our own professional growth. Once you have that clearly defined, you can start networking (making friends) with the right people at work (i.e. the people who can help you achieve your goals).

Have an INS

I have a workbook called the Individual Network System or INS. This workbook outlines the who, what, where, when and how of corporate and business networking. It helps you identify the right people to meet and how to keep you on their radar. If you would like a complimentary copy of that workbook, please setup an appointment.

The intent of creating a business networking is to build relationships with the right people that will help you find the positions and roles that you really want. If that is what you really want, then take the 20 minutes to chat about it with me.

Find a mentor

Consider finding mentors in various areas of your professional development:

1) How to better market yourself within your professions

2) Help you with promoting your ideas and innovations.

3) How to write and publish your articles, presentations, and white papers

4) How to present to the exec

5) How to get other managers from sibling departments recognize your value to your company (If your manager is the only person that knows your value – you are doing yourself a disservice).

I know your situation is different. Why don’t we schedule an appointment, where I get to know more about your unique situation? And then I will be happy to make recommendations on what your best steps are moving forward. To schedule an appointment, book it HERE.

With enough notice, it would be my honor to guest-speak at no cost to your group organization.

I have a presentation on “3 Keys to saying YES to everything but on your own terms”. To sign up for the complimentary course, go to